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ACE Commercial Laundry Equipment 

ACE Commercial Laundry Equipment Inc is one of the nation’s innovators in coin/card laundry design and sales, multi-housing laundry room solutions, and On-Premise Laundry / OPL equipment applications. Starting out in nothing larger than a storage bin almost 20 years ago, through the years ACE Commercial has grown along with the times to be able to offer you many brands of coin & commercial laundry equipment, choices in supplies, and a top-notch Parts Department.

As a 3rd Generation laundry Family-owned & operated company, we have always had the focus in mind that if we take care of our customers by offering quality products, good customer service & a reputation for conducting fair business dealings for everyone involved- not only would we have a repeat customer base though our hard work and going above & beyond- but we might just make some friends along the way.

ACE Commercial offers laundry equipment to the hotel/motel industry, health care, schools/colleges, health and country clubs, fire departments, food processing plants, correctional facilities, beauty salons and vended laundries.  To learn more, visit:

Setomatic Systems Inc
Originally founded in 1959 and then incorporated in 1968, Setomatic Systems has been a leader in payment technology and innovation for more than five decades. With a solid history of dependability, reliability, and longevity, Setomatic Systems is your obvious choice.

Located in Boca Raton, FL, Setomatic Systems has positioned itself as an industry leader for decades to come. Our modern 15,000-square-foot manufacturing, design, and distribution facility is at the heart of our operation. Now in its third generation, this family-owned-and-operated business continues its tradition of design excellence.

Our “hands-on” approach has enabled us to fully understand industry trends as they emerge and to adapt to them through innovation and cutting-edge technology as those trends change. For example, well before any self-serve industry accepted credit cards, we introduced the first credit card readers to the laundry market in 1995.  To learn more, visit:

Southeastern Laundry Equipment Sales

 Southeastern’s staff is comprised of over 70 employees: Multiple field sales representatives and over 20 strategically placed factory authorized and certified service technicians utilizing state-of-the-art dispatching and fully-stocked service vehicles. Our experienced parts team and stocked warehouse are here to help you get most orders out the same day.

 Our staff’s collective industry experience combined with the leading edge innovation of the brands of equipment we offer has helped make Southeastern the Number One UniMac Distributor more than twenty times, a repeat Dexter award winner and the most trusted name for commercial and coin laundry equipment needs in the Southeast for 43 years and counting.

 Whether your needs are Industrial (OPL)Coin or Multi-FamilySoutheastern is with you every step of the way as your laundry partner.  To learn more, visit:

Triad Laundry Equipment
Family owned and operated, we have been in the laundromat business since 2010. We know the importance of having quality equipment. After retooling our stores with refurbished equipment, we decided to help others do the same.

 From one piece for a hotel to complete laundromat build-outs and everything in-between. We serve a variety of industries. Whether you have a hotel, motel, resort, campground, multi-family housing, a laundromat, manage a school or just want a really good piece of equipment for home, we have a solution for you. 

 To learn more, visit:

2023 Fall Conference Wrap-Up

It was wonderful to have so many members join us in the Arizona desert and also to welcome so many new faces to our association!

MLA welcomed new members:

  • Jon Gerard, Caldwell & Gregory
  • Amy McCall, National Apartment Laundries
  • Jonathan Hirsch, Smart-O-Mat Laundry
  • Teddy Mottola, Jr., Tedimatts Laundry Services


On Monday afternoon, Severin Sorensen CEO of ePraxis, curated a rich exchange of curiosity and wisdom and kindled the flames of inquiry and exploration into how AI can further elevate your businesses and personal lives.

Dive deeper into the realm of AI with these resources: 

Books for Greater Insights on AI Prompting
The AI Whisperer: Handbook for Leveraging Conversational Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT for Business

The AI Whisperer Draws: AI Art Made Easy for the Non-Technical User Through MidJourney

On Tuesday morning, Charles E. Bamford, PhD, Managing Partner at Bamford Associates, focused on finding the competitive advantages in your business, the process of strategy design and how to deliver your strategic promise to employees and drawing in customers.

For our opening night event, attendees enjoyed MLA's Allied Member hosted dinner on the intimate patio of the Canyon Suites section of the resort property surrounded by the Phoenician’s gardens and the natural colors of the Sonoran Desert.

Thank you to 
Alliance Laundry SystemsESD/Greenwald and KioSoft Technologies for sponsoring our Monday evening dinner!

Welcome new MLA Route Operator members!


Caldwell and Gregory

Caldwell & Gregory was founded in 1990 with one mission in mind: to provide colleges and universities with exceptional laundry programs by maximizing student satisfaction and delivering the best value.

Today, Caldwell & Gregory is the industry benchmark for collegiate laundry programs, evidenced by the satisfaction of our 300+ university partners. Taking what we have learned from decades on college campuses and implementing state of the art technology, we have expanded our successful laundry programs to the multi-housing market and beyond.

National Apartment Laundries

National Apartment Laundries is second a generation business not only providing excellent regional service in Western Pennsylvania, but also in the tri-state and National markets. We have been a staple in our Pittsburgh community since 1954 when we opened our doors on the Southside. We are committed to providing our community and regions beyond with the most efficient and reliable laundry equipment backed up with expert and excellent customer care and service.

It has always been a priority of our company to provide quality service and support to our customers within the shortest amount of time. To that end, we employ a team of top service techs trained to deal with any issue that could possibly arise. We continue to develop new systems in order to receive, track, and service all inquiries and concerns about our equipment. We are concerned first and foremost with supporting our clients and customers in order to keep their machines in top condition and working at their most efficient.

Smart-o-Mat Laundry

We believe managing your Laundry Room, shouldn't be your problem. Therefore, we'll ensure your laundry rooms are all working efficiently, spacious, clean and we'll even make sure the floors are swept. We believe every laundry machine in your building should be up and running to ensure your residents are always happy. Utilizing the latest technology we're able to achieve this.

Through the collaboration and extensive work by combining the work of extremely talented engineers and computer scientists and using top brands, we've been able to ensure that even your laundry is now interactive and brought into the digital age.

Tedimatts Laundry

Ted Mottola has over 30 years of experience in service businesses. He knows the commitment involved in offering round the clock service every day of the year. TediMatts will be responsible for providing your residents with the utmost in service, attention and satisfaction. Knowledge, trust and dependability are our firm’s strongest suits.

The State of the Coin

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted normal circulation patterns of U.S. coin and has posed significant challenges for the U.S. coin supply chain. A number of factors contributed to these challenges, including changes in consumer payment behavior, stay-at-home orders by state and local governments resulting in many business and bank closures, as well as the slowdown of the ability to obtain raw materials for manufacturing new coins, the availability of labor across the coin supply chain, and changes to the coin-supply-chain-servicing infrastructure.  View the US Coin Task Force report here.  For more visit,

All of these factors contribute to hurdles for the American consumers and businesses to get the coin that they need to support cash transactions. Yet, like never before, the pandemic has emphasized the importance of cash for consumers. Millions of Americans rely on currency and coin as their only or preferred form of payment, and businesses rely on cash and coin to make change for those transactions.